Bhutan pt 2

  • Himalayas
    Bhutan is an incredibly photogenic country. Bhutan pt 2 continues where the first album left off.


  • Mt Everest
    For 10 days in Dec 2012-Jan 2013, we traveled to nearby Bhutan to explore this small Buddhist kingdom of 700,000 people. Tourism in Bhutan is controlled and one must be a part of an organized tour. We were fortunate that the tour only consisted of the two of us as we traveled from eastern to central Bhutan. The scenery was beautiful and the rich culture/traditions were apparent everywhere we traveled.

Snakes and Cows

  • Bhaktapur Gai Jatra
    Photos from the Nag Pachimi and Gai Jatra Hindu Festivals


  • Peacock Window
    More photos from a day trip to Bhaktapur on March 20.


  • Feed the birds
    On March 17, we visited the Tibetan Buddhist area of Bodnauth located on the eastern side of the city. The Bodnauth stupa was originally constructed in 600 AD and then rebuilt in the 14th century. Surrounded by monasteries and inhabited by many Tibetan refugees, this area has a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.


  • The Fort
    On March 10, we ventured outside of Kathmandu for the first time. An hour from the city is Nagarkot at 2,000 meters altitude with great views of the Himalayas.

Holi Festival

  • Easy target
    March 7 (full moon) was the Hindu festival of Holi. This festival is considered a festival of colors, represented by various powders, and mischief. From our perspective, it seemed to be a holiday mostly celebrated by young men, traveling in small groups, and little kids who like throwing water from balconies and roof tops. Everyone, including the foreigners, smiled and laughed more than usual. The holiday had an overall good positive and friendly spirit.


  • Young Buddhist monks
    On March 4, we visited this famous Buddhist temple located on a hillside overlooking Kathmandu. According to legend, Kathmandu was once a lake and this temple rose from its waters -- swayambhu means 'self-arisen'.

Kathmandu Urban Hike

  • Lunch View
    On Feb 25, we walked to the old part of the city and wandered around the narrow streets to discover the UNESCO Heritage Site of Durbar Square, Hindu and Buddhist temples all over the place, a rooftop restaurant with amazing views, and a bookstore that you can easily get lost in with a relaxing coffee shop/patio garden. It was an amazing day and we hope these photos entice some of you to visit us!